Our Yahrzeit Reminder System enables your organization to offer its own branded E-mail/US Mail Yahrzeit reminder system for less than 70 cents per day!
The system will:
  • send E-mail and/or US Mail reminders of upcoming Yahrzeits to your participants (we can do your US mailings)
  • produce a list of upcoming Yahrzeits for publication in your next weekly or monthly newsletter or to display on your lobby announcements board
  • send Yizkor reminders four times a year
  • serve as a fund-raising tool by reminding recipients that they can enhance their yearly remembrance by purchasing a memorial plaque or sponsoring a Kiddush or a Shalosh Seudos in memory of the departed
This web-based application runs on any platform via an Internet-connected browser.  (Hover your mouse over any italicized word above for further information)
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Reminder: Purim is Thursday, March 21, 2019
Click here to see the civil dates when Purim will occur in coming years.

Our Online Round Robin (Mishloach Manot) Fundraising System
lets you conduct your Round Robin fundraiser online, without requiring the purchase or installation of any additional software. All that is required is a browser and an Internet connection!

That's right: all the tasks you need to conduct a profitable and successful Round Robin are now available to you in a totally online and easy-to-use solution:
  • You input your participant list
  • We e-mail your participants with their system-created unique ids and passwords to login to the site
  • After closing, we calculate reciprocation, if requested
  • We produce gift basket scrolls...
  • We bill for charges!
Click here to view and try a sample Round Robin selection page... click here to sign up for a free, no-obligation trial of the Compugene Software Online Round Robin.

Please click here for details/pricing or contact us now to get your 2019 Round Robin set up and ready to go, as Purim will be here before you know it: Thursday, March 21, 2019
Or, simply click here to register - your online Round Robin will be ready for use in no time!

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