Compugene Software Yahrzeit Reminder System

The Compugene Software Yahrzeit Reminder System (YNS) is a totally automated web-based system that e-mails and/or creates printable Yahrzeit reminders (reminders of the anniversary of a loved one's passing) to your subscribers and associates throughout the entire year.

You can also notify participants at various times of the year, such as before Yizkor, to remind them and suggest a donation in memory of the departed.

Participants fill out an online form that updates a database which stores all the required information necessary for notification, such as deceased name, original date of the Yahrzeit, relationship, etc.

The system, which runs automatically every day on our cloud servers, checks the database and sends out e-mail and/or creates printable US mail notifications as many days in advance as you desire.

EXTRA: We offer a labor-saving option for US-mailed notifications if you choose to send US Mail notifications in addition to or instead of e-mailed notifications: we can do the printing and mailing of the notifications for you, and, if desired, the notifications can be printed by us on your own letterhead and can be mailed using your envelopes. (additional charges may apply)

In addition to acting as a helpful service for your subscribers, the system can also act as a fund-raising tool for your organization by indicating in the notification all the ways the recipient of the notification can honor their deceased by purchasing a memorial plaque, sponsoring a Kiddush, or making a donation to your organization.

Please click here to contact us for further information and pricing options regarding the Compugene Software Yahrzeit Reminder System.

Below is a sample of a Yahrzeit Reminder System e-mail; your administrator will have the ability to design the format and specify the content of the notification: