Find the corresponding Jewish date for a given Civil date or the corresponding Civil date for a given Jewish date.
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Today is Sunday, February 18, 2018, corresponding to the Jewish date 3 Adar 5778.

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Recent Inquiries:
Date SuppliedDate Returned
Jewish date 1 Nisan 5778Civil date March 17, 2018
Jewish date 1 Tishri 5778Civil date September 21, 2017
Jewish date 1 Nisan 5578Civil date April 7, 1818
Jewish date 1 Nisan 5560Civil date March 27, 1800
Civil date February 17, 2018 Jewish date Saturday, 2 Adar 5778
Jewish date 2 Adar I 5657Civil date February 4, 1897
Civil date February 17, 1917 Jewish date Saturday, 25 Shevat 5677
Civil date February 17, 1931 Jewish date Tuesday, 30 Shevat 5691
Jewish date 9 Elul 5639Civil date August 28, 1879
Jewish date 2 Sivan 5640Civil date May 12, 1880
Jewish date 13 Adar II 5631Civil date March 6, 1871
Jewish date 13 Adar I 5631Civil date March 6, 1871
Jewish date 1 Adar I 5629Civil date February 12, 1869
Jewish date 15 Heshvan 5633Civil date November 16, 1872
Jewish date 8 Nisan 5631Civil date March 30, 1871
Jewish date 1 Adar I 5638Civil date February 4, 1878
Jewish date 7 Sivan 5633Civil date June 2, 1873